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Lead Stories Podcast is the flagship podcast of Lead Stories Media. Co hosts and executive producers Jo Saxton and Stephanie Williams O'Brien tell tales of leadership and life with the aim to encourage, equip and empower. 

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Apr 3, 2017

The city was full of people and animals coming together to celebrate the Jewish feast of Passover.  Jesus and his disciples are also celebrating but in the midst of the meal and the intensity of what is about to happen Jesus takes an opportunity to  take up the posture of a servant and wash his disciples feet.  



Mar 27, 2017

When Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey many were hoping that he would bring political change and uproot the Romans.  But God’s kingdom often looks like the opposite to what we expect - will we join God with what He is doing or will we quickly turn on Jesus when our expectations are not fulfilled?


Jo and Steph...

Mar 22, 2017

In this Lead Voices podcast Jo and Steph chat with Natasha Sistrunk Robinson, the author of Mentor for Life: Finding Purpose through Intentional Discipleship (Zondervan, 2016).


She intentionally serves as a credible witness of Christ’s leadership to engage, equip, and empower people to live and lead on purpose. She...

Mar 20, 2017

Once we have overcome barriers to responding to God, how do we actually discern what God is saying? What does that look like practically?


This week Jo and Steph share their stories, answering questions such as:

  • What are some of the ways God has got your attention in the past?
  • What role has community played in...

Mar 13, 2017

God is already moving and doing things in our lives, neighborhoods and world and He desires for us to meet Him in it.  Can we recognize what He is doing and join Him in it?


Jo and Steph embark on a new season during the season of Lent looking at how we can discern what God is saying and respond to Him accordingly.  In...