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Lead Stories Podcast is the flagship podcast of Lead Stories Media. Co hosts and executive producers Jo Saxton and Stephanie Williams O'Brien tell tales of leadership and life with the aim to encourage, equip and empower. 

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Aug 22, 2016

We all have a contribution to make to society and to the kingdom of God - let’s use that as our definition of ‘work’ as we explore what Mission looks like in our everyday work.   In Genesis 1:26-31 we see that God made the world and put us in it to take care of with Him.  That was the first work, God said it was good and it was before the fall.  God desires us to bring His kingdom into our work spaces as part of His plan for redemption. How can we do that?   4 frameworks for what mission looks like at work:  1)  Looking for People of Peace at work (Check out more about People of Peace in Ep. 37)   2) Being a person of Godly ethics in the workplace   3) Spiritual formation opportunities for you through your work (E.g. David in Psalm 78:70-72; Joseph)   4) What is the inherent kingdom value of the work you are doing?   Resources: Kingdom calling - Amy Sherman Visions of Vocation - Steve Garber Work Matters: Connecting Sunday Worship to Monday Work - Tom Nelson Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God’s Work - Timothy Keller Ordinary Mum, Extraordinary Mission — Anna France-Williams and Joy French (note the British spelling of Mum here!) Check out   Discussion questions:   1) Read Genesis 1:26-31 - how does it change your attitude to your work knowing that work was part of our original design for life with God?   2) Who are the People of Peace in your workplace? Are there people who aren’t but who you would like to be? Spend some time praying together for your work relationships.   3) What are the difficulties in your work right now? What might God be forming in you and preparing you for through them?   4) What is the inherent kingdom value of the work you are doing right now?      

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