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Lead Stories Podcast is the flagship podcast of Lead Stories Media. Co hosts and executive producers Jo Saxton and Stephanie Williams O'Brien tell tales of leadership and life with the aim to encourage, equip and empower. 

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Mar 21, 2019

Spring Break Replay during the month of March! Enjoy these previously published favorites! Also, check out this link to download a copy of "Lead On: A Resource for Leading in the Midst of Anxious Times" 

We need practical tools to help us thrive in a world of comparison and competition, which so often begins with our minds!


This week Jo and Steph talk about internal and external struggles with comparison and competition and how we can practically face them head on, changing our mindsets, practice and culture.


Discussion questions:

1.  Where is your biggest struggle with comparison and competitivity right now? Internally or externally?


2. How easy do you find it to affirm and encourage others who are doing what you want to be doing? Who can you encourage today?

3. How clear are you on your vision and what God has called you to do? You could start by writing out a list of the things you are clear on - your gifts, calling etc.  Knowing what we are called and gifted to do can help us not to compare so much with others.

4. Jo said: “In a competitive mindset, you have just given others something God has given you, but in a God-given mindset you have just multiplied”. Jesus desired his disciples to go further and do more than he did. How do you feel about discipling others who may do more and go further than you will? Is there a mindset you need to repent of? What practical things can you do going forward to encourage, release and celebrate your disciples?

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