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Lead Stories Podcast is the flagship podcast of Lead Stories Media. Co hosts and executive producers Jo Saxton and Stephanie Williams O'Brien tell tales of leadership and life with the aim to encourage, equip and empower. 

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May 9, 2016

Many leaders are asking how they can empower women into their callings. Today Jo and Steph discuss 5 ways:


1) Look at the assumptions we already have

2) Ask, seek, knock

3) Consider viable vehicles of discipleship and training.

4) make it visible

5) give people several tangible opportunities (and let them fail / be mediocre).   


Discussion questions:

1) What assumptions do you have about women in leadership? What things have you consciously or subconsciously been taught about the spheres women / you can lead in?


2) Where are women underrepresented in areas of influence in your life? (Both secular and church settings)


3) Which women have made leadership visible for you?


4) How do you feel about giving people who are not very good at leading an opportunity to lead? Do you have a culture of discipleship where people can practice and make mistakes in a loving, encouraging environment?

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