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Mar 5, 2018

Dominique Gilliard the director of racial righteousness and reconciliation shares ways that the church needs to rethink its attitude to the criminal justice system and incarceration. With some horrifying statistics and also some hope-filled testimonies and practical ways churches can make a change, this podcast will change the way you see those who are and have been incarcerated and equip you to be part of the change.   


Every church can and should be involved in one of 4 ways:

1) prevention: mentoring, tutoring, supporting underfunded schools, summer feeding programs

2) prison ministry: go behind the walls and see for ourselves.  

3) walk alongside those who have lost family members to incarceration.  

4) aid the reentry process: disciple, support and walk alongside those who have left prison and use networks to help find employment opportunities.

5) extend our definition of family to include foster care children who need care and love especially over the holiday seasons.


Check out Dominique’s new book: “Rethinking Incarceration: advocating for justice which restores”

Facebook: /dominique.dg.7

@DDGilliard - twitter

dominiquedgilliard - instagram


Discussion questions:

1) How does your attitude towards those who have been incarcerated change when you consider the number of key biblical characters who spent time behind bars?

2) Of the 5 practical ways mentioned that churches can get involved in change, is your church engaged in any? Which one could be the first step?

3) How has your perspective on the criminal justice system changed through listening to this podcast?