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Lead Stories Podcast is the flagship podcast of Lead Stories Media. Co hosts and executive producers Jo Saxton and Stephanie Williams O'Brien tell tales of leadership and life with the aim to encourage, equip and empower. 

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Apr 17, 2017

Jo and Steph have two important things to share with you today - and they want your help!

Listen in to hear how you can join in with the 6K for water with or without coming to Minneapolis, and hear them announce their new series on ‘stigmas’ and how you can get involved.


Discussion questions & action points:


1) Who can you get together with and join in with the 6K for water or use your influence to join together with others to help others in need? Go to to find out more about how to take part virtually or locally in the 6K for water.


2) What stigmas are holding you or the people you lead back? Please let Jo and Steph know the answers (plus any other things you want to hear them talk about) by contacting them at one of the following mediums:


Twitter: @LeadStoriesVox

Instagram: @LeadStoriesPodcast

Facebook: LeadStoriesPodcast

Connect with Jo at: @josaxton

Connect with Steph at: @pastorsteph

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